If you are lucky enough to work with Cheryl you will love it

My 3 biggest concerns when we thought of selling our house were
1. Where would we go?
2. How can we get the best return on our investment (our home)?
3. What would I do with all the stuff I collected over 30 years?
Cheryl helped us with all our concerns with careful listening and sharing her knowledge and network. She asked about our new home wish list, sent us listings and introduced us to realtors in the locations we were considering. Cheryl showed us listings in our neighborhood that were ready for sale and pointed out features important to buyers. We went to her open houses and watched buyers engage with the marketing atmosphere she created. There was always a feeling of excitement and possibility but never one of high-pressure sales. A Cheryl Nygaard Windermere open house is an event. Details are beautifully attended to, people are engaged.

Cheryl has the experience and intuition to know what improvements will generate the greatest return. We got a Windermere Ready Loan so we could make some significant changes all at once. She always kept our budget in mind so the most important things got done first. After that, we polished and detailed. Cheryl recommended a pre-inspection report – fantastic advice!

30 years in a house with 3 generations adds up to a lot of stuff to donate, sell, recycle or move. Among other things, Cheryl connected us with a woodcarver who removed a large log in our yard and a charity for a multi-segment wheel chair ramp. Even if a suggestion didn’t directly work, it got us thinking and helped us organize, pack and make things disappear. Her network helped us save time and money and benefit others. Cheryl was able to get a plumber, masons and an amazing carpenter to come out on very short notice because of her longstanding relationships.

One of my favorite parts of selling was of being part of a creative team and being supported by Cheryl and the people on her team who knew what we were going through and how to help us achieve the best result. I loved seeing our home polished up so that potential buyers could see themselves loving their life there just as we loved living there. It made us happy to sell and pass on the happiness we felt living there.

Cheryl Nygaard has my highest recommendation. If you are lucky enough to work with Cheryl you will love it – she doesn’t fit you into some sort of sales cookie cutter – she listens and tells you all the possibilities; what a flipper would pay, what needs fixing and refreshing to get a second look from buyers, what cosmetic things people don’t care about, and what projects buyers would prefer to do themselves. It was fascinating!

Thank you, Cheryl! We appreciate the privilege of working with you and are so grateful for everything you did to get us on to our new adventure!
-Liz G.

Long Distance

"Cheryl was a joy to work with. Though we did this sale "long distance," it never felt that way. Cheryl couldn't have been more responsive to every need we had. Her positive, cheerful attitude and overall professionalism couldn't have been better...I will recommend Cheryl and Windermere without hesitation."
- Richard and Naomi


"From our initial meeting and during marketing, Cheryl listened and responded to our wants and needs professionally and economically. Cheryl responded to all of our questions quickly and kept us well-informed during the entire process."
- Paul and Michelle

Above & Beyond

"[Cheryl] was very attuned to our needs and was always willing to adapt her plans to meet our needs. We would definitely work with her again...she went above and beyond the call of duty."
- Don and Leilani


"[Cheryl's] confidence and eye for detail were most exceptional. She exceeded my expectations. So pleased with the overall experience."
- Michelle

Cheryl knows Newport Hills

Cheryl knows the area and property values very well. She was always prompt in getting back to us when we had questions.
-John & Lorraine Swisher (Aug 2012)

Jim T., Bellevue WA Sold Home & Moved to Monroe WA

Cheryl was the realtor for my home sale in Bellevue in 2014, and, because of her hard work and professionalism, I chose her as my realtor for finding and buying a home this year. For my home sale, I had advised her that I wanted to sell relatively quickly, which she accomplished while still finding a buyer willing to pay more than the asking price! For the new home purchase (truly "new home" as it was a new housing development under construction when we bid on the home), Cheryl not only walked us through the process, but actively showed up for many meetings, walk-through and inspections. She's a gem!

Helping Buy Contingent and Selling Fast

If I could give only give one 10 star review, I would easily give it to Cheryl. My wife and I have known her for over 3 years now. I've been tracking agents in Bellevue and Eastside since I moved to Newport Hills since I knew one day that I'd be selling or buying a home. My first impression of her, was that she is extremely knowledgeable and also detail oriented. She backs up her assertions with DATA and graphs that depict trends so you know when to either buy or sell.

After the initial meeting, and screening of interviewing 8 other top agents, she was top on my list. Unfortunately my wife was not ready to part with our home. My wife gave me a directive which was either we move to Lake Heights or Newport Shores, which as some of you know, might as well have been Beverly Hills.

Many agents were only interested in responding to my requests, and disappeared after a month of the initial meeting, but she was the ONLY one who kept in touch and checked in, and kept forwarding us homes to look at.

She lives in Bellevue and is active in the community - so she has many off market (non MLS) properties. She found a beauty of a gem for 1.45 million but at that time, my wife was still attached to our home. And most other agents would have said, you just wasted my time. But Cheryl was understanding, patient and professional. She accepted our decision to back out.

About one year later, mind you still checking in, my wife was finally ready to move on and sell at the peak. Cheryl helped us find our next home in Lake Heights, and sold our home in 1 day for an unbelievable price! Cash offer with 0 contingencies! Cheryl works hard, I mean texting at midnight and answering questions I had... Not that 9-5 bull. I'm a difficult and demanding person. I only hire the best.

I have close friends and family who are successful realtors and I chose her.

If you are looking for a realtor, who goes above and beyond, is extremely knowledgeable, and quite plainly delivers...Cheryl is the only realtor who can.

Perfect Team

Cheryl and Dan make the perfect team to get from idea to finished home sale...